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Brazil is a vast country with several distinctly different biomes. Discover them all with Focus Tours: Brazil

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The 8th largest country in the world, Argentina offers a wealth of experiences. From the subtropical rain forests of Iguazú Falls to the high Andes. Discover more with Focus Tours: Argentina 

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Bolivia, nestled between Brazil, Peru, Chile and Paraguay, is the poorest and least developed country in South America, but also biologically and culturally the richest, safest and friendliest. Discover more with Focus Tours: Bolivia

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Chile is the only truly temperate country in the Neotropics, and occupies more degrees of latitude than any other nation worldwide. Perhaps it is not surprising that Chile offers several extremes of the natural world. Discover more with Focus Tours: Chile

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Jaguar Tours

The northern Pantanal is the richest area in the world for spotting Jaguars in the wild and, our naturalist guides are some of the best. Together with our boatmen we can take you into the best areas for jaguars and many other creatures. Read more about Jaguar Tours.

Bird Watching Tours

Douglas Trent is a scientist, bird watcher and wildlife photographer and his be operating Bird Watcing Tours for around two decades now. The tour possibilities in South America are many. Read more about Bird Watching Tours.

Wildlife Photography Tours

Douglas Trent is a wildlife photographer and guides groups of professional, or enthusiastc amateur, photographers and film crews on focused wildlife tours. Read more about Wildlife Photography Tours 

Funding Conservation


A percentage of our profits has been funding in-country conservation projects since 1981. They directly benefit the local communities we visit and, when possible, are self-sustable, generating benefits long after our initial donation. Your visit will benefit you, the environment and your hosts.



Brazil is a vast country with several distinctly different biomes. The mighty Amazon rain forest covers almost half of the country. Below that on the west is the Pantanal, the world's largest wetlands. Central Brazil is covered with Cerrado, or grassland and gallery forest habitat. Northeastern Brazil is caatinga desert, with patches of tropical moist forest on the coast. Southeastern Brazil hosts Atlantic rain forests, less well known than the Amazon but 20 million years older. The great Serra do Mar mountain range follows up much of the southeastern coast and inland north of Rio de Janeiro. In the upper altitudes of these mountains one finds Brazilian alpine and isolated mountain tops with many endemic species. The southern part of the country turns temperate, with grasslands, wetlands and stands of Araucaria pine forests.

Our tours in Brazil cover many regions and include:

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Our knowledge of Brazil is unequaled. We offer our services in all of Brazil, and operate nature tours in all of the areas mentioned above, including amazon nature tours. Our naturalist guides are equipped with a spotting telescope for seeing distant animals and for fantastic views of those that are close. We also use a microphone and tape recorder for luring in rare and hard to see animals that respond to their own call, and the appropriate bird and mammal identification books for your enjoyment. Here we present descriptions of our nature tours in several of the regions. Read it all, and then let us know what you are most interested in and when you want to travel. We'll forward daily itineraries and, if we don't already have a tour to fit your interests, will help you design one. Enjoy reading, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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